Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mouths and Eyes

This is the mould for the button which i will stick on the back of my mouths so that i can stick it onto my puppet, the button is made out of polymorph.

For the eyes i have used extra light fimo so that it won't weigh my puppet down, the extra light fimo is like marshmallow!!!!

This is how the eyes turned out when i popped them out of the mould, they look AWESOME :)

This is just black fimo rolled out really thin and cooked, it went hard but i was still able to cut it with scissors it use as the back for my mouths. Originally i used black plasticine for this however, when i tested it with the button pushing and pulling it out of my puppet made the mouth shapes die :(

This is a picture to show how i put the mouth shapes together!

Just before i put the lips onto the teeth!

Sticking the buttons onto the back of the mouth shapes!

I decided to make the lips for the male mouths red

And the lips for the lady monster bright pink :D

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