Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Lately i've been thinking that i need some music for the final scene of my animation, about the last 30 seconds of the actual animation and then to play the credits out :)
I've been wracking my brain about this because i have NO idea what music to use or where to get it from because of all the copyright stuff! And then i thought, hang on, i know someone in a band :)
My friend Jono is in a band called For I Am Catalyst!!! So i am in negation with him right now about if I can use one of his songs and if so which one :) ISNT IT EXCITING!!!!!!

This is the song i am choosing to use for the last 30seconds(!) of my animation and for the credits :) The Song is Called Tonight! ad it is by my friend Jonos band For I Am Catalyst!
Thank you to him and his band mates for letting me peruse their work and pick and choose what I wanted!!

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