Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cont. Monster concept Art

These are my favourite monsters, the one i chose to use is in the bottom picture on the right! i think that i can easily turn this into puppets AND animate without to much stress :) Thinking about it logically i will have to tweek these final designs slightly so that they will animate properly and be able to do what i want them to do! but that shouldn't be too difficult!!!
I had to pitch my idea to my class last monday, i am so awful at presentations. Usually i get all nervous and stumble on my words, i also click through my slides to fast so no one can actually see the work i've done!! However, this one i wrote notes for and wrote to myself when to click the mouse to move the screen and i think it went so much smoother!!! My tutor even said my worked look good :) which is always a nice bonus!!!!

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