Thursday, 7 October 2010

Self Representation Banner

John asked us to make a banner that would represent ourselves, i decided to try and use the image that i had already been working on below. I changed it a little bit, colour wise, i also had to redraw it out in photoshop as i toned the hair down a bit.

This is just my first attempt:

This took me all day to do as i couldn't get the scale of the image right. Also i am still messing around with font and what to actually write in the big yellow gap! Actually, i'm not at all happy with how this looks right now, but i have to go to work now :(
So tomorrow i may post something COMPLETELY different :D

so yeah, as i said everything might change.
If this is going to be the banner of this blog it needs to have the name of the animation in it, so out comes the graphics tablet once more!!

And this is the final design for the header of this blog, its got me, the name and the monsters :) i'm quite pleased with it to be honest!!!

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